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GoConsultPro – Health :
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‘A must have App for every Healthcare Professional to stay relevant in this digital age’

A ready to use, uncomplicated, cloud based telehealth solution.

What does it bring to your practice?

Besides monetizing all your professional consultation when away from the consultation venue, it provides your clientele with direct access to you, which in turn inspires confidence, saves them time and reduces costs.

Secure Platform

A secure, HIPAA compliant platform that allows you to communicate with your patients / clientele via VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), text messages and provide Professional Video Consultation.

GoConsult uses Twilio as its communications platform. A service with industry grade security used by companies such as Uber and Whatsapp

Answering Service

An answering service for times when you are unavailable to engage your patient / client over the GoConsult platform.

If your status on the app is set to ‘Unavailable’ or if you are engaged with another patient, all calls to your GoConsult number will be routed to a voice recording service for later retrieval. GoConsult uses Microsoft Azure’s cloud based technology for secure storage.


Information Board

An information board to post updates in regard to your practice, allowing you to communicate with your patients / clientele on a broader scale.

General Information regarding clinic hours, promotion of health services / products or changes in schedule can be posted here for easy viewing.

The GoConsultPro-Health app readily directs your patients / clientele to your practice’s website for their perusal and if necessary, to schedule appointments.


A smartphone / tablet
Stable Internet Connection

WiFi /4G / 3G

Registered Account

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Register In 6 Simple Steps

GoConsult and GoConsultPro-Health are available for download on Google Play Store and Apple Apps Store.

Fill in your login information and personal details.

* Your medical registration number is compulsory for GoConsult Sdn Bhd to verify that the account holder is a licensed medical practitioner.

Add an photo to your profile (optional)

* Consultation Fees are for 10 minute blocks and in USD

Upon completion of registration with the GoConsultPro-Health app (for Healthcare Providers), you will be issued a unique number which is to be used as a telephone number would. This number can be shared with your clientele, providing them with easy access to you and your practice through the GoConsult platform.

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