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GoConsult : For The Healthcare Consumer

The GoConsult Platform is NOT the standard internet consultation application services provided by many companies, where professionals are recruited and you – the client, would be required to call a specific number, access a webpage or an app. Then, depending on your needs, you will be directed to a specific professional or consultant who provides the service you require. Under these circumstances, the professional or consultant you engage would most likely not be familiar with you and your medical history.

Why GoConsult

The GoConsult platform provides a mode of communication between your personal physician, medical specialist or healthcare provider and you when one or both parties is away from the consultation venue. The GoConsult platform provides accessibility to his/her healthcare consultant’s availability and provides a SECURE direct line to the doctor via Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), video consultation, text and voice messaging services. The GoConsult Platform’s chief goals are to:-

Reduce Cost

Costs incurred for travel, parking can be eliminated with the use of the GoConsult Platform.

Save Time

Most Follow up consultations / Discussion of Test Results can be discussed via our mobile platform, without the need to visit the consultation venue.

Improve accessibility

Information pertaining to your doctor / healthcare provider’s availability, consultation hours are readily available through the GoConsult Platform.

If your doctor is unavailable, we provide a SECURE text and voice messaging service. As such, your healthcare consultant will be able to view / listen to your message and respond once he/she is free to do so. Simple queries such as confirmation of appointment times, clarification of medication dosage can be done in this manner, hassle free.


A smartphone / tablet
Stable Internet Connection

WiFi /4G / 3G

Registered Account

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Register In 6 Simple Steps

GoConsult and GoConsultPro-Health are available for download on Google Play Store and Apple Apps Store.

Fill in your login information and personal details.

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Healthcare consumers will need to purchase credit to support VOIP consultations, text and voice messaging services on the GoConsult platform. Consultation charges are adjusted at the sole discretion of the healthcare provider. Purchase of credit can be made online through the platform payment system powered by BrainTree.

This number is to be used as a telephone number would. Your healthcare consultant will be able to reach you by calling this number via the GoConsult platform.

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