About Us


To improve accessibility of healthcare and to enhance communication between Healthcare Providers and their Clientele in a secure environment.

To provide a means for Healthcare Providers to monetize their consultations when away from the consultation venue.

To help healthcare consumers and healthcare providers stay connected online.


For Patients
For Healthcare Professionals

Progress In Technology Allows Us To Meet These Needs

Smartphones are readily available and affordable to the masses. Internet connectivity is widespread and information about health and diseases is easily accessible online.

However, it is difficult to interpret pertinent health information without the expertise of a healthcare professional. Even so, it takes a proper understanding of a patient’s individual needs and medical history to correctly diagnose and treat an ailment.

Social networks or messaging apps are NOT places to discuss or exchange private health information, hence, the best way to meet the needs of Healthcare Consumers and Healthcare Providers is to enable them to engage and communicate on a secure user-friendly platform. The GoConsult Platform addresses all these needs and more.

Why do we need it?

Convenient Follow-ups

Follow-ups can be cumbersome & inconvenient. GoConsult provides an efficient solution to conduct follow-up consultations via our cloud based telehealth solution.

Treatment Clarifications

Following a treatment plan can sometimes be tricky. Any doubts can easily be clarified via the GoConsult platform

Eliminate Worry

Variations in health conditions between scheduled appointments can sometimes cause worry.

Efficient & Responsive

The increasing numbers of patients with chronic conditions require doctors to establish efficient, convenient and responsive ways of supporting chronic patients

Accessible & Manageable

Patients have healthcare needs that extend way beyond a visit to the clinic or hospital. Healthcare Providers need to be more accessible to their patients but in a manageable way that does not disrupt their hospital hours or personal time

Founded in 2015, GoConsult Sdn Bhd along with our partners Agmo Studio is backed by a team with an abundance of experience in the mobile app development industry. Our vision is to deliver easy to use, innovative technological solutions backed by efficient operations.

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