Have You Ever…

Wasted time, money and effort travelling to doctors’ appointments just to get an opinion that could have easily been solved with a call?

Gone all the way to your doctor’s clinic just to get your lab test or X-ray results?

Gone for an appointment with your Healthcare Consultant only to find out that he is busy operating or attending to an emergency, leaving you to wait for hours?

What Is GoConsult?

Enhancing Professional Communication with your Healthcare Consultant.

An innovative, patent pending, secure, mobile consultation platform which would resolve all the above issues and much more. It is essentially a virtual phone within your mobile device (smartphone / tablet) designed primarily to improve and enhance communication with your Healthcare Consultant.

Our mission, primarily, is to improve the accessibility of healthcare by helping patients and healthcare providers to stay connected online. To bridge the gap and connect patients with their trusted healthcare consultants through a digital platform anytime, anywhere.

An easy to use, secure,
HIPAA compliant platform

Available on App Store and Play Store

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What We Give You

Text Messaging Service
VOIP Calls
Video Consultation

  GoConsult uses Twilio as its communications platform. A service with industry grade security.

Recorded Voice Messaging Service

  Is your consultant unavailable to attend to your call? No worries, your call will be routed to a voice recording service for his/her later retrieval. GoConsult uses Microsoft Azure’s cloud based technology for secure storage.

Information Boards

For Healthcare Consultants to post changes in their schedule and communicate with their clientele on a broader scale

Secure & User Friendly

HIPAA compliant platform

Enhancing Professional Communication With Your Healthcare Consultant

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